Advisory board

An advisory board of professors spanning the social science community assists the editorial board of Amsterdam Social Science.

Currently the advisory board consists of the following members:

Alex Edmonds (Ph.D. Princeton 2003) is
Assistant Professor at the department of
Anthropology and Sociology of the University of Amsterdam.

Giselinde Kuipers (Ph.D. University of Amsterdam 2001) is Norbert Elias Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology of the University of Amsterdam.

Halleh Ghorashi (Ph.D. Nijmegen University 2000) is Professor of Management and Diversity at the Department of Organization Science of the VU University of Amsterdam.

Mario Novelli (Ph.D. University of Bristol 2004) is Senior Lecturer in International Education and Development at Sussex University.

Catherine de Vries (Ph.D. VU University Amsterdam 2007) is Associate Professor of Political Behavior in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Geneva, and affiliated Associate Professor in the Department of Politcal Science of the University of Amsterdam.

Herman van de Werfhorst (Ph.D. Nijmegen University 2001) is Professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, and director of the Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies (AMCIS).


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    i have desire to play a role in your advisory board committee