Participative Web, social utility and ICT adoption: An issue of alignment

By Davide Dusi

Participative web and user-generated content as research fields are central topics within the contemporary internet debate. In this paper, I describe an action-research on low-digital-literate members of a voluntary association engaged in a collaborative storytelling project to support the Paediatric Oncology Department of the GB Rossi Hospital in Verona, Italy. The association members were facilitated by the researcher in adopting participative web technologies in order to construct a new communication strategy with the purpose of replacing the previous annual paper journal, phone calls and word of mouth based strategy. Furthermore, I try to identify the practices and processes through which neophytes of social media can be assisted to adopt collaborative web-based tools to support their initiatives. In the conclusion, I discuss how the alignment between users’ skills and technologies’ features is key in supporting both the adoption of ICT and social utility initiatives like this.


This article by Davide Dusi was originally published in Amsterdam Social Science Volume 7 Issue 1(2016).  Click here for the full article

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