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  1. Felix Kim (@felixkim)
    Felix Kim (@felixkim) at | | Reply

    I am surprised to see the phenomenon about the migration, which before, I never thought to migrate to other country, just because I am too cute to be straight. I was lucky then, because in two years in a row, I participated in the “Q” film festival in Jakarta and not to mention FPI which is so annoying like hell these days :)

    The theme is interesting. Migration. Comparing the situation which happen in Moscow, Russia recently, about the Gay Propaganda, I have talked with several of my gay friends, and actually only less of them want to move to other country, esp. USA to look for an asylum.

    Back to your article, I think, it will be a long process for Indonesia to accept this acceptance to the existence of gay people, which in my opinion, the number of gay people are increasing. Indonesia may blocked the pornography sites, but please download the gay dating mobile app – let’s just say, Grindr. You can find numerous of gay people nearby, especially when you are in the city centre.

    It will need extra efforts to change the perception about the acceptance of western culture, let’s just say, how to change Indonesian people to become “open minded” people. The mindset is already rooted, because of their way of life, culture and environment, which is surrounded by what we call religion.

    I believe, you know, that most of Indonesian people are valuing thing firstly based on the religion. Although they said that they are open minded people, but when it comes to gay stuff, for example, I believe they will step aside it. It happens with the people who live outside capital city, or other island.

    I agree with your statement that the Indonesian state is unwilling or unable to ensure and protect the basic human rights of its citizens I consider the migration of Indonesian gays a state failure. It is not only about gay, but mostly to the human right in general :)

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Wisnu Adihartono
    Wisnu Adihartono at | | Reply

    Thanks Felix for your comment :) i totally agree with you :)

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